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Science On Materials

CoSpace Science on Material is used as a Teaching and Learning Tool to teach the properties of materials using robot for primary 3 students in Singapore. Students are required to program a virtual robot (the virtual robot is implemented using a real physical model) to move on different types of road. In order to do so, students will have to understand the properties of materials, e.g. hardness, stiffness, friction, etc and their applications, such as braking distance.

The package provides a graphical programming interface, students can use the perception/action logic interface to program the robot without the need of difficult program coding. The action preview panel in the system also helps students to have better understanding in robot motion.


The aim of the CoSpace Robotics in Education (CoRE) is to infuse robotics and coding into the teaching and learning of secondary school curriculum.

The CoRE is a multi-purpose teaching platform for secondary school teachers and students. Students can use trigonometry concept to calculate the parameters and program a robot to move to the locations based on the XY-coordinates. Once the robot reaches the target, the student needs to answer a subject related question. Various types of questions, such as multiple choice, multiple answer, audio, video, structure text, are embedded in the platform. The configuration panel allows teachers to set questions and configure robot parameters.

In addition to the knowledge gained in the subject area, students also learn to optimum path planning.

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