CoSpace Robot Simulator

The CsBot Simulator is implemented using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio®. It offers an avenue for users to experiment with the physical construction, sensors, motors, and program of a robot. The CsBot Simulator allows users to

✔Setup a virtual environment;
✔Create 3D objects and integrate them with the CsBot simulator media library;
✔Assemble, program, and test real/virtual robots;
✔Monitor real-time sensory feedback and perform real-time control of both real and virtual robots;
✔Establish real-time communication/interaction between the real/virtual robots;

3D Visual Simulated Environment

The 3D Visual Simulation Environment provides simulated physical objects and their interactions which includes collisions, friction and gravity. The CoSpace Robot Simulator has a built-in library containing various 3D objects with physical models. Students can create their own 3D objects and store them in the media library.

The CsBot 3D virtual environment consists of a variety of 3D objects with physical models. They are stored in the CsBot media library. Students can create 3D objects and integrate them with the CsBot media library.

3D Virtual Environment Virtual Entities Entity Library

Programming GUI

The AI development panel provides various programming interfaces for users with various programming skills.

Graphical Programming Interface

The Graphical Programming Interface is for students without programming knowledge. Students can define the sensing range and set robot action by specifying sensor values, changing the wheel power and toggling LED. The action preview helps students to have a better understanding in robot motion.

Perception/Action Based Programming Interface

The Perception/action based programming interface is suitable for students that have some experience in robotics. They can program the robot to perform more complicated tasks.

The graphical programming interface provides a mechanism to allow the students to program robots equipped with ultrasonic sensors, RGB sensors, compass sensor to perform various complex tasks like navigation, obstacle avoidance, object detection, path determination, teleportation without difficult program coding.

Advanced Condition and Action Editor

Moving ahead from the Graphical Programming Interface, the Code editor allows students to edit conditions and actions in C# format. This bridges the gap between graphical programming and C programming.


C# Code

Students can use C# to program the robots.  





The real-time communication/interaction between the real robots and virtual robots/worlds can be established through ZigBee wireless communication. The real-time communication also enables both real and virtual robots work in CoSpace.


Connection with Real Robot

The CoSpace Robot simulator supports various Robots with Arduino controller.

CoSpace Rescue Robot – the official robot for RoboCup International Competition.   Bot’n Roll  – the official robot for RoboParty.

CoSpace Rescue Real Robot User Guide

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