CoSpace Challenges

CoSpace Rescue Challenge

CoSpace Rescue Challenge is the official sub-league of RoboCupJunior Challenge and RoboCup Asia-Pacific competition. In CoSpace Rescue, a team has to develop appropriate strategies for both real and virtual autonomous robots to navigate through their respective real and virtual arenas and collect objects while competing with another robot that is performing the same mission.

CoSpace Rescue Challenge provides a fun and engaging way for young people to develop their computational thinking skills and to get involved in programming and algorithm development. 


CoSpace Dance Challenge

CoSpace Dance is part of the RoboCupJunior Dance Challenge. CoSpace Dance involves interactions between humans and real/virtual robots dressed in costumes to deliver a theatre show in CoSpace. The theme delivered can include speech, gesture, music, dance, and a combination of other performing arts.

CoSpace @ Home Challenge

The CoSpace @ Home is a junior version of RoboCup @ Home for university students. 

The CoSpace @ Home allows participants to program a virtual service assistive robot which has high relevance for future personal domestic applications. A set of benchmark tests is used to evaluate the robot's  abilities and performance in a realistic non-standardized home environment setting. Focus lies on obstacle avoidance, navigation, path planning, object recognition and object manipulation in dynamic environments.

The aim of the CoSpace @ Home Challenge is to help the participants to develop robotics research skills to prepare for future participation in RoboCup Major Challenges – RoboCup @ Home.

CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge

The CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge provides an opportunity for students to make and code a robot through  onsite training and take part in exciting challenge (real and virtual car racing in CoSpace)! The CoSpace Grand Prix Challenge is absolutely for beginners to robotics.

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